Terrorism will be severely punished by law

Xinjiang recently happened a few criminals violent terrorist attacks on the implementation of planning. Brutal terrorist ACTS to the victims families into great sorrow, also destroy the local economic and social development and the harmony and stability.
Like international terrorism, the reason they want to show the horrors of the innocent way so-called "political demands and advocated", because they are just a handful of people rarely. It is through continuously produce terrorists massacre, attract media and through the media to "zoom in" their "needs" and "ability". Terrorists, of course, this doesn't change them very isolated brutal means state, the international community have them as a "terrorist cowards".
Sustainable economic development in xinjiang, people life level unceasing enhancement, it is obvious to all. It is the peaceful social environment and the good situation of the people to live and work in peace and contentment, to hit those who have been make the separatist activities of the key of "east turkistan" forces. Xinjiang as a whole to the good development trend, making the separatist forces can use less objective problems and contradictions, this is what they fear most. Therefore, try very hard to instigate terrorist activities, creating panic, hinder economic and social development and progress, has become their on a last resort. As you can see, this has to do with the international terrorism of engaged in separatist activities.
Need is on high alert, in addition to the implementation of the attack of the people "horror" cannon fodder, there are still terror "hand" behind them. Such a "black hand" rumors, overseas as well. To be sure, these "black" is continuing to planning, bewitch and incitement in my region of xinjiang for terrorist attacks.
Recently uncovered cases, according to the "east turkistan" influence of violence could sent to Afghanistan, Syria and other places involved in terrorist activities, learning organization, the international terrorist network planning and launch terrorist attacks "experience", aimed at a "terrorist threat video" of our country. Especially the "east turkistan" critical "etim" could the organization continue to take "pull out training", "send in planning", terrorist activities in the region. Dens in terror seized terrorist propaganda, training video and manual, it fully illustrates this point. Recent terrorist attacks occurred in xinjiang, both in terms of organization, planning form, or on the target selection, means to use, you can see the international terrorist attacks "shadow".
In xinjiang terrorist activities, there is a phenomenon worthy of note: as long as a terrorist incidents in xinjiang, the "east turkistan" another separatist forces "d" will be able to take out already prepared the distorted the facts, reverse black and white writing draft, closely with domestic terrorist echo. Facts have proven that "d" the same is instigate me fear of activities outside the "hand". "D" will not only Interpol "red notice" terrorists absorb the backbone for the organization, and its terrorist information center for the "east turkistan" kept by various means to spread terror in concept, system blasting method of poison. "7 • 5" is "d" planning command of one of the terrorist attack.
We know that the "d" "captive" to the forces of for some ulterior motives, but not white, the premise is to make trouble to China. Therefore, often a terrorist attack in xinjiang, "d" is from the hand of the "master" to a "bounty". "D, therefore, is" from the "master" with every penny I xinjiang people's blood.
We should also see, some of the "double standard" held on terrorism country often gossiping on terror to me, the terrorist incidents in xinjiang as "national contradiction and conflict", is due to "ethnic oppression" caused by the "resistance". This argument with international terrorism "excuse" and the "east turkistan" terrorist attacks, in the "appearance", is actually on the forces of the "east turkistan" terrorist activity of a kind of "encouragement" and "indulge".
We believe that terrorism is neither ethnic problems, also is not a religion, but naked crime against humanity. If the problem of terrorism spree as a nation, that is the biggest insult to the nation; If there is no the terrorism as a religion of humanity, that is to the extreme of the religious believers. Terrorism is terrorism, whatever name it, what cloak, looking for what kind of reason, this is the consensus of the international community.
Counter-terrorism is in accordance with the law of most countries in the world today the most fundamental approach, which is the most efficient way. Everyone is equal before the law, no special group before the law. For terrorist activities, Chinese legislative NPC standing committee has clearly defined; For the implementation of terrorism crimes, "criminal law" and other relevant laws and regulations of punishment is clear. China is a country of legal system, in accordance with the anti-terrorism, to ensure that people's lives and property security, ensure to realize the great Renaissance of the Chinese nation, is the responsibility of all Chinese citizens should do. (li wei China institute of contemporary international relations, director of the institute for security and arms control, terrorism experts)

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