The city highway in a solid way of political management

    Rail transit construction on Qiqihaer city road inspection team was established in May 2009, the auditing a brigade, 2nd battalion, JiZhaDui JiZhaDui, ferry directly under four brigade, a total of 32 audit team. Is a younger, better educated and more professionally competent, military team, assuming the task stolbtsy region road transport of specification, etc.
    Years inspection team in strict accordance with the "politically qualified, skilled, disciplined, and a good style, law enforcement civilization, effective regulation," the team purpose, strive to build first-class team, strict management, to govern. Has obtained the widespread approval from all sectors of society, establish a good image in society.
    Highway, since three years, JiTai highway, tender JiNe highway, highway and DaJi highway, JiGan expressway, haaqi's key projects such as high-speed     railway construction, sand stone volume increase greatly, to work for super brought new challenges. Inspection team has been around the "building a harmonious highways, firmly establish a people-oriented, administration according to law, in accordance with the road, law enforcement for the people," the service tenet of fighting in the forefront of super. Especially during the holidays and days off, the audit team to ensure that citizens safe travel is 24 hours on the roads, Bridges, stick to, to prevent security vulnerabilities. To protect the highway transportation vehicles safe passage, audit team also shoulders the demolition of illegal structures on both sides of the road, the road facilities and a rough heap drying grain, the responsibility of the place.
More rigorous inspection team on the internal management, combined with actual situation to develop the system and the audit team discipline, as well as the enforcement process, creativity to carry out the internal law enforcement supervision, and gradually establish a battle-hardened, the militarization of the biggest teams, truly "inside strong quality, outside tree image of the audit team." Our reporter Song Guxingmaterial industry development space

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