Glass fiber reinforced plastic mold surface treatment


Molded fiberglass products quality, in addition to the overall and factory workers technology, the most important is the mould quality and service life. From domestic production of glass fiber reinforced plastic mold structure is good, can be compared with other industrialized countries, however, glass fiber reinforced plastic mould surface quality in general is bad, in addition to domestic mold resin and preparation of mold tool equipment defects, most domestic manufacturer no foreign factory attaches great importance to the master pattern making and mould surface finish processing. FRP products finish depends on FRP mould finish, so the grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, both at home and abroad of essence and FRP mould surface treatment, glass fiber reinforced plastic mould is the mother of the product, on the glass fiber reinforced plastic mould again under the kung fu, more in the future on glass fiber reinforced plastic products can obtain better results. Glass fiber reinforced plastic mold surface treatment technology is introduced as follows. One, the new mould and the old mould renovation: 1, water - new mould or old molds renovation, water sand paper first water, water sand paper to high starting point, when the water generally begin from 600, some users to improve the working efficiency, from 400, even 400, following a more coarse water sand paper, for a fast, little imagine sandpaper after coarse sand marks caused by the fine sand paper to sand grinding and grinding out; After no. 600 to no. 800, no. 1000, no. 1200, no. 1500 (or 2000) step by step, a kind of can't save, and carefully crafted, willing to strive, kung fu, shall be opportunistic. 2, polishing, the coarse polishing agent first proper amount in the mold surface, use electric polishing machine polishing, polishing, wool plate flat on the mould surface, start the polishing machine for garden type spiral, pieces of the past, do not leak, main workload in rough, so generally rough cast at least twice to mold smooth so far. After the rough cast, change new wool plate, with a fine fine polishing agent, repeat the above operation, the plate thickness polishes, not with with a wool, best with a polishing machine. Aluminum welding 3, clean mold - clean process is to die on the surface of a polishing agent rid of residual oil or agent and so on, then add the hole sealing agent and release agent (wax) can be firmly attached to the mold, clean mold water generally wipe it twice, first to clean the surface of the water with gauze wipe in the mold and then wiped dry, then apply a layer of clean water and let its full volatile dry (about half an hour), then wipe with a clean dry cloth to light. 4, sealing mode - for medium finish of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, usually in 3, polishes polishing is ok. But the mold surface only after polishing, there are still many fine celled invisible to the naked eye, so for high-precision glass fiber reinforced plastic products, must take these micro hole sealing off, in this way, fiberglass products precision on another level. Specific approach is to hole sealing agent, with gauze evenly coated on the mold, let dry (about 30 to 60 minutes), again with a clean dry cloth to wipe to light. Hole sealing, if is the new mould, four times if they are old mode renovation, hole sealing twice. 5, mold release, according to the different thickness of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, choose different release agent. For casting molding FRP sanitary ware or thickness of base it around 5 mm thick glass fiber reinforced plastic products, because of the glass fiber reinforced plastic curing calorific value is bigger, should choose high temperature stripping wax. Specific stripping wax coating had better use gauze wrap the moderate stripping wax squeezed through the gauze and then evenly coated to the mold surface, such as uniform and saving, not a large number of scattered, stripping wax wait for (30 to 60 minutes), its reoccupy handbag clean gauze brush or polishing machine thrown to the lights. New mould stripping wax, 4 to 5 times to use. After the first product release, after every parting parting last wax can. In order to improve the product finish and improve work efficiency, demoulding once a secondary coating release agent, such high finish products, and avoid using stripping wax must clean wax after suffering. Second, production mold surface renovation: over a period of time after repeated use stripping wax or long-term storage of mould stripping wax oxidation, reproduce the glass fiber reinforced plastic products surface rough finish product by wax deposition, then need to renovation renovation, can be used clean mold agent clean two times of cleaning all the wax deposition, reoccupy hole sealing agent twice, then three times on the stripping wax, mould and look brand-new, can be used normally again.

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